Kris Berry.

New album coming soon.

Kris Berry


Hey sweet people. Writing to you, in case you were wondering what I was up to. I just hung around for a bit in my own zone, sorting some things out. Like what adds sparkle to my life, - and, what do I give that adds sparkle to others? Guess we all need to do that sometimes and I'm grateful I took the time to find my headspace.

I enjoyed every bit of it and still am. Life is generous in many ways; you look for proof and will find it almost immediately. That being said; it's very intuitive too. Intuition is what brought me where I want to be deep within, so I take that seriously. (Allow me to share that I think we should all trust our instincts, for this is the matter that marks truth). This personal and professional ride is something I have fully come to embrace. It’s been five years and counting, ever since I started singing, writing, and shaping my outlook on this life in music today. Sometimes my inner volume is low. But I listen, and sometimes I talk (a lot), while leaving the volume on high. All this time sometimes felt like a free-for-all ticket to finding out my purpose in life, which is mainly confusing, because of its wide angles, and complicated, because I tend to struggle with said angles. Easily distracted oh yes, where was I… So. I skipped the subsequent paragraph. I’ll jump right into it.

I am currently working on a record. My solo album, with the help of friends and what is family to me. A feeling of understanding and empathy; kindness and support throughout: unquestioned, unconditional. A record that represents who I feel I am, here and now; a record we can dance to one fine day albeit in a dream. The one track that shows my adolescence blending in with the child in me now; the songs that spread some church influence from Sunday school hymns, how passionate talks of me and my family went on to motivating my singing despite my personality. Oh and so much love and time with love and happiness. In different forms and different places. And for different reasons. Been floating for some time, but I’ll be going back to shore as soon as I’m ready.

Hold on just a little while. And as the band Journey perfectly put it in 1981:"Don't stop believin".

Peace, Kris


Dear all,

So lately I've been taking the time to do some writing, the kind of writing that I know I'll be more than thrilled to share someday soon.. I wanted to let you know that I am well and happy recording my first demo's in my little corner by the window at home. And I also wanted to show that anyone can fit themself into an instagram square. Greetings from my home! I'm enjoying the process, I mean if life is meant to be lived, why not make it more of an expedition, am I right?

Much love,

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